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MLT-D101S Samsung 101S Тонер-картридж черный
Используется для моделей:

SU698A Toner Cartridge High Yield

Технические характеристики:

Ресурс, стр. (ISO/IEC 19752): 1500
Относительно совместимый тонер: Bulat SB05.P, SCC-P8e, Mitsubishi UT19S2, Content-ml1210, Tonex CLP-300 (HP1005/1010/1200)
Масса тонера, г. 50-80
Чип: S3CC921/429FL - замена, прошивка аппарата
с 04.2012 (ML2160/SCX3400) работу может не блокировать (
Фотобарабан: D104 - перебивка шестеренок (
Возможность замены MLT-D111S
Родственник: Xerox 106R02773
Советы по заправке: Не снимать дозирующие лезвие, в противном случае возможен фон.
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Видео-инструкции: Заправка тонером картриджа Самсунг MLT-D101S/X YouTube
Повторяющиеся дефекты печати, мм. OPC drum /Фотобарабан/ - 76
PCR /Ролик заряда/ - 38
Developer Roller /Вал проявки/ - 44
Common Cartridge Problem: Even Light Prints: Check to see if the Toner Save feature has been enabled. The Toner Save light will be on. This is accessed from the printer driver properties.
Dirty or Bad Primary Charge Roller (PCR) Inside Cartridge: This will show on the test print as vertical gray streaks down the page, as a gray background throughout the page, as ghosting where part of a previously printed area is repeated, or as a mark that repeats every 38mm.
Dirty PCR Connection: This will show as horizontal dark black bars across the page. or as shading throughout the page.
Scratched Drum: This will show a very thin. perfectly straight line that runs from the top to the bottom of the test page.
Chipped Drum: This will show as a dot or series of dots that repeat every 76 mm.
Light Damaged Drum: This will show up as a shaded area on the test print that should be white. Again this will repeat every 76 mm.
Bad Wiper Blade: This will show as either a gray line approximately 1/8” thick. or as shading across the entire page. In either case there will be a film of toner on the drum surface.
Bad Developer Roller: This will show up as light print or as a mark that repeats every 44 mm.
Material Safety Data Sheet: Samsung MLT-D101S Black Toner Cartridge MSDS PDF
Part No. Samsung MLT-D101S/SEE, HP SU698A
Samsung MLT-D101S/XAA, HP SU700A
Samsung MLT-D101S/ELS, HP SU696A
Samsung MLT-D101S/SAU, HP SU697A
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